Monkey Flask


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Monkey Flask

Introducing the Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine Kit – a revolutionary flask containing 3.5 oz of the finest quality synthetic urine available on the market. What sets this synthetic urine apart from others is its unparalleled authenticity. The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure it replicates all the essential characteristics of real urine, including the correct amounts of uric acid, pH level, foam, scent, and color.

One of the most remarkable features of this artificial urine sample is its ability to grow bacteria, just like genuine urine. For situations where there might be a time gap between testing and sample collection, having bacteria present is crucial, making the Monkey Flask a perfect solution. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing you have a reliable and realistic synthetic urine kit at your disposal.

  • This premixed laboratory control sample uses genuine urea to achieve an inscrutable level of authenticity.
  • Made in the USA

Instructions for the Monkey Flask:

  1. DO NOT remove or puncture the safety seal, located under the cap, UNTIL the time of use.
  2. Attach the heat pad directly to the flask, on the side opposite the temperature strip.
  3. Store the flask close to your body to maintain the desired temperature.
  4. The sample may take up to 1 hour to reach the optimal range of 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Once heated, the flask will maintain that temperature for up to 8 hours. Remember that your body AND the heat pad combined will help maintain the temperature.
  6. Verify that the temperature label reads green and is within the range of 98-100 degrees before delivering the sample.

For Research and Educational Purposes Only!

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