Refillable Belt Kit + 2 Urine Refills


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This comprehensive kit that works for males and females provides you with all the essentials to discreetly conceal various fluids for those looking for a female whizzinator solution. It includes an empty medical-grade vinyl bag, securely fastened to a cotton elastic belt for inconspicuous portability. The kit features a user-friendly temperature indicator strip, a convenient refill port, and a hose complete with two clips for added functionality.  Additionally, the package encompasses a medical-grade syringe, two organic heat pads designed to warm fluids to a lifelike body temperature of 98.6 degrees, a clear set of instructions to guide you through the process, and two urine refills. You have the flexibility to choose the type of fluid you wish to conceal within the bag, but it’s crucial to thoroughly clean the kit after each use to maintain hygiene and discretion.

How to Prepare Urine:

To prepare your urine, open the small vial of urine and combine it in a cup with approximately 80 to 90 milliliters (2.5 to 3.0 ounces) of bottled water. Once the contents are thoroughly mixed in the cup, you can then use the provided liquid syringe to transfer the solution into your Refillable Belt Kit.

Tip: The liquid syringe include with the kit can be used to measure the water needed to mix with your urine.

Whats Included:

  • Empty Vinyl Wearable Medical Grade Bag
  • Medical Grade Liquid Syringe
  • Instructions
  • Two Sticky Heat Pads
  • 2 Urine Refills